"Here is my experience with Custom Wire Sets wires. I called them back in early November to order a set for my 542ci hemi in my gtx. When they arrived I was impressed with the construction of the wire and the one piece hemi ends that go into the valve cover very trick. They also came with each wire marked with cylinder identification numbers electrical grease and a cool little plastic applicator. After installation the engine fired much easier than before and seemed to rev much smoother. The next thing I noticed that confirmed to me how well these things were working is that my a/f gauge that was normally at 10.8 on the highway[yes its rich] was now at 11.3 these babies were definitly working. The other thing I noticed is that I could not use my radio am/8-track previously with out a bunch of engine noise coming out of the speakers. Now the radio works fine without a hint of engine noise wow! I am not an engineer but I can tell you that these wires made a hell of a difference on my car and I would recommend them to anyone who needs a set, I would bet you wont be dissapointed.

I don't know why all the technical deal on the wires..they flat out work.I had a brand new set of Moroso wires on my race car...I've been a Moroso user for many many years.I decided to try the Fyre Wires...immediate difference in how the car idled,and how much smoother it runs.Plus I eliminated a very slight popping I had on the top end.They fit perfect,the wire markers are a nice touch. You can't go wrong with these wires!"


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