Consistent current flow has been proven to enhance performance, and the FireCore50TM ignition wires provide some of the most consistent performance in the industry. Our new 50-ohm FireCore50TM ignition wire, has been dyno-tested, and race track proven. They increase power by getting more energy to the plug more consistently, than any other wire on the market. When itís time to replace your plug wires or just to give your engine the spark it deserves, you will not be disappointed with the performance and look of the FireCore50TM ignition wires.

Our FireCore50TM wire sets are either 8 or 8.5mm with 50 ohmís of resistance per foot of high performance race wire. It has a 100% Kevlar constructed base core and consistent ohms ratings throughout the wire. A Ferrite molecular compound absorbs the RFI/EMI waves, and 3 Ĺ feet of copper/nickel alloy winding per inch is used for superior current flow. There is a high temperature, 100% silicone first layer protecting against heat, friction, oil, fuel, and ozone, with a high tensile strength fiberglass bonding used over the dielectric layer of 100% silicone. An ultra high-temperature and high tear-resistant outer jacket is bonded over the fiberglass sleeving.

Along with our consistent performance, the look of the FireCore50TM immediately cleans up your engine compartment. Whether you are looking for a standard length set or want to customize your own lengths for an exact fit, the FireCore50TM is the ultimate wire for your Street or Race Track needs. Read our customer testimonials (links to testimonials) to find out for yourself why everyone is talking about the FireCore50TM

ONLY the highest quality materials and workmanship go into our products. Problem applications are our specialty; there is no wire set we cannot design for you. We are not satisfied until you are!!

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Want an exact fit for your application? Just measure your current set and give us the lengths OR send us your set and we will make an exact replica for you.

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Want to see how FireCore50TM makes an impact? Check out our latest and greatest dyno results!

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